Friday, February 28, 2020
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CRM and CX

X-up your customer relationships with CRM and CX

To gain a real competitive advantage, it is important to understand how your customer feels, not just how they behave Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors...
CRM and MA

Is your CRM circus full of uncooperative elephants?

CRM and marketing automation mean that teams are more connected than ever before, but many systems are still plagued by lack of user adoption. Gone...
Cloud-based CRM

Cloud-based CRM and the march to online application delivery

What are the advantages of cloud-based CRM? CRM applications have long been available in two versions: online and on premises. Vendors and reseller partners will...
Digital Transformation with CRM

3 key steps to digital transformation with CRM

When it comes to evolution, you don't want your business to be left behind. Digital transformation is already disrupting most industries and companies. Those who...

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ServiceMuse - People of our time

People of our time

Michelle Major-Goldsmith looks at how to manage and utilise a multi-generational workforce. Service management people Every time you stand still long enough to look at our...
ServiceMuse - Rewiring service provision with SIAM

SIAM: Rewiring Service Provision

Andrew Smith explains how businesses can provide a service strategy that delivers for every employee, every customer and beyond. Digital transformation and its skills gap,...
Field Service and IoT

How field service management is being changed by IoT

As more companies move to a predictive model of equipment maintenance, they are looking for ways to use connected devices to improve field service....