ITSM Burger

How the right partner can give you the perfect service management sandwich

The simple burger. Beef patty, bread bun…done…right?

In reality, we all have our own preference when it comes to burger goodness. What type of patty: meat, veggie, vegan? What type of bun: seeded, plain, brioche, toasted?

Then there is the sauce you prefer, and your choice of cheese, salad, relish, slaw, and the list goes on. The point is that everyone has their own perfect burger combo. The same applies to modern ITSM toolsets. Simple tools and processes are available, but so too are more complex, integrated and collaborative tools that enable endless customisation.

Want fries with that?

In addition, many businesses will want extras. Think of these as your integrations and additional connected apps that enhance the service management toolset and enable you to deliver integrated service to internal and external customers and suppliers.

Want to share your meal?

Organisations are increasingly outsourcing services, so you will likely want to share your ITSM with suppliers – or at least enable them to access key service information. A true SIAM-based ITSM and ESM solution, enables you to collaborate seamlessly with your partners and suppliers. You should also be able to customise your collaboration – just in case you don’t want to share your fries!

The secret sauce

If all you want is the basic ITSM, then there are options out there to get you started. If, however, you want a more advanced ITSM toolset with your own custom trimmings, then you will need a partner to help you make it perfect. Customisation is not the only benefit though. Advice, training, support and ongoing help with optimisation are all key benefits of selecting the right partner to work with.

Are you hungry?

Specialist ITSM and SIAM partners are always focused on adding value to the product and its deployment. From the initial friendly discussion, to a demo and beyond, partners are there to help you on your digital service journey and to support your requirements as you grow.