Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Service technology convergence

Technology convergence – Joining the dots

Service technology has come a long way, but what is its role in the modern organisation? In the beginning Helpdesk software and contact management software were...
Can AI and chatbots help us to be more human?

Can AI and chatbots help us to be more human?

Why developing technologies such as AI and chatbots are not replacing people with robots, but enabling organisations to evolve, grow and make the most...
Crouching employee, hidden sentiment

Crouching employee, hidden sentiment

The literal meaning of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, from the Ang Lee film set during the Qing Dynasty and the reign of the Qianlong...
ITSM thats all folks-1 year on

ITSM – that’s all folks! – one year on

A year ago I wrote an article on why application convergence could spell the end for niche IT Service Management products – One year...
IT alignment

IT alignment is not the solution you’re looking for

Much has been said about the importance of IT alignment with the modern business. But what, if anything, does this achieve? It has been a...
Cloud delivery options

Cloud vs on-premises vs hybrid – which is best?

Service technology solutions can be deployed in several different ways. But which is right for you and which offers the security you require? At a...
cloud data security

How safe is your data in the cloud?

If you are wrestling with the idea of moving your customer and application data to the cloud, there are several fundamental things to consider. Who...
IT security

The role of ITSM in the big IT security debate

Recent events such as WannaCry and other hacking threats have caused budget holders to refocus on network and end-point IT security – but they...

Olé to OLA – the art of managing ITSM and SIAM

Flamenco may not, on first glance, have much in common with Operational Level Agreements in SIAM. But being able to successfully manage and improve...

#SITS17 – The Service Desk and IT Support Show 2017

#SITS17 - 7th - 8th June - London Olympia The main UK show for ITSM and Service Management professionals, #SITS17, is now in build mode...

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A road trip to SIAM — keeping the wheels turning

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Business outcomes

Achieving business outcomes with service excellence

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