5 reasons why you need a Field Service Management Solution.

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Reaching new heights with FSM and AI

Field service management is set to reach the heights of excellence through the adoption of AI technology in 2021. An operations manager no longer needs to go through various details manually.

Features of service management software can provide the following automated data:

  • Work schedule of employees
  • Client grievances
  • Pending orders
  • The dispute between dispatchers and technicians, etc.

Here are 5 beneficial capabilities of service management software for your business.

  1. Basic service management

The benefit of field service management software starts with managing your primary business aspects such as contracts, appointments and service levels. Now, you don’t need to keep various records in soft copy or hard copy format as the software will compact them all for you. Once these essential service utilities are sorted out, you can concentrate on other significant aspects of your business that need your attention.

Field service management will also help you enhance:

  • Your service delivery
  • The technique of doing business
  • Customer retention
  • Better on-the-job training of employees
  1. Coordination and optimisation

Service management capabilities typically depend on how you manage your team, tools and departments. You need a robust system that can optimise this ongoing coordination simply. The appointments booked and the team available should be the perfect balance between demand and supply. Field management software optimises the system’s schedule according to the changing needs.

These real-time updates save you the headache of managing a surge in appointments. The software will also manage your logistics and inventory. It can forecast upcoming requirements.

  1. Client data maintenance

A proper record of the client’s history is essential for all kinds of businesses. But field service management companies need to manage their client’s data. If any of your employees leaves, retires or changes location, the client’s details can disappear with them if you haven’t preserved the data.

Maintaining a record of the order, technical instructions and other general preferences will also empower you to provide consistent service quality to your customers. There are unique features of service management software that serve this purpose.

  1. Customer delight

The competition is increasing. Providing services to the customer is not the only way to guarantee customer retention. The new players in the market can reduce their price for better quality services. However, you can win the game through your creativity. It’s important to delight your clients sometimes.

You can surprise customers with improved service efficiency. You can inform them how they can better maintain their utilities. Management software will help you to offer this kind of automated service that will delight customers without the need to engage a lot of back-office workforces.

  1. GPS Route Guidance

Automated route planning through GPS is one of those features of service management software that managers find most useful on a day-to-day basis. It saves time and fuel by guiding field staff via the best possible route. It shows the shortest path as well as a way with less traffic.

Your team will now be answerable for their time and fuel cost. Moreover, you will be able to assign the technicians to a job nearest to them, as you will also be able to track them live through GPS.

These 5 points demonstrate the key benefits of utilising FSM in your business. You can come to work and drink your morning coffee while browsing a single piece of software. You won’t need to go through a massive pile of files and emails in your inbox. This all means that you can channel all your time and energy towards other productive tasks.